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The Power of Youth

The Power of Youth

Youth are the luminaries of awakening. Youth is the foundation stone of self-reliance and the capital of hard-working India. Participation of youth power is like a pillar in the reconstruction of the country. Youth is the spring of life; it has both fragrance and chirp. The development of the country is possible only with the unlimited energy, indomitable enthusiasm, zeal and creativity of the youth. Today, a strong young generation is needed to face the challenges of society and the nation. If the youth are determined then even the biggest challenge cannot stand before them. If meaningful and active initiatives are taken towards the welfare of society and the nation, revolutionary changes can definitely happen. They can create a golden history with their ideals. Can also write new chapters on nation-building.

Youth have multitasking abilities and opportunities are also immense. They can perform brilliantly in every field. They have the great ability to make the impossible possible. They can also change the course of time. Today, due to the inventions and research of students associated with big educational institutions of the country like IIT, and IIM, India is rapidly moving towards becoming a developed nation. Indian youth is surprising the people of the world with their talents. There is a need for consciousness along with enthusiasm.

It has been seen from our historical times that in order to free the independent India in which we are breathing today, many young revolutionaries sacrificed their lives, took bullets in their chests and embraced the noose. They did not hold back in sacrificing themselves. Among such young revolutionaries, they were, Chandrashekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, and many more. Chandrashekhar Azad was not only a great leader of the Indian freedom struggle but was also a great freedom fighter.

Along with his fellow students, he joined Gandhiji's non-cooperation movement against the British. He was also arrested during the movement. When the judge asked Chandrashekhar to introduce himself, he replied - My name is Azad, my father's name is Swatantra and my residence is jail. After this, his name changed from Chandrashekhar Tiwari to Chandrashekhar Azad. Along with Ramprasad Bismil, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev Raj, he took revolutionary steps against the British dictatorship!

Subhash Chandra Bose led many movements for independence, due to which he had to go to jail several times. He also formed Azad Hind Fauj to intensify the fight against the British during the Second World War. Slogans were also raised to inspire the people of India to patriotism – You give me blood; I will give you freedom. His dream was to see India independent completely!

Similarly, Sardar Bhagat Singh was also such a youth who dedicated his entire life to the country in the struggle for its freedom. The courage with which he faced the powerful British government for the independence of the country is a great role model for our young generation. His martyrdom not only gave impetus to the country's freedom struggle but also became a source of inspiration for the youth. Even today the whole country remembers his sacrifice. When he was hanged, he was only 23 years old. Apart from this, he wanted to eliminate the differences created by language, caste and religion in Indian society and also thought deeply about the weaker section of the society. In protest against British atrocities, he formed the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, whose objective was to prepare young men capable of service, sacrifice and suffering.

The sacrifice made by all these youth for the freedom of the country will remain immortal in history. When it comes to youth power, Swami Vivekananda, in whose name Youth Week is celebrated today, was a deep thinker and had a bright personality and powerful words. National consciousness and national self-respect were awakened through his sermons and revolutionary ideas. In his speech, there was a mantra of upliftment of national religion and culture. He inspired a continuous struggle to protect the identity of the nation. Religion, politics, nationalism, internationalism, spirituality and science were all included in his conduct. While touring India for the progress of Mother India, he discussed the awakening of women's consciousness, the spread of education, the role of youth in national upliftment, building their character, making them strong, a sense of nationalism, flow of spiritual consciousness, rising above the differences of caste and creed, social harmony, upliftment of India through public welfare, national awakening, sense of pride in Hindu culture gave the country such a multi-dimensional vision of thought which has been the basis for individual, social and all-round progress of the nation. Due to his unbroken faith and devotion towards Indian values and traditions, he achieved success in making the Indian nation proud in foreign countries. Even today, as a self-respecting nation, India should guide the world, this resolution will be fulfilled only when we live Swamiji's thoughts through thoughts, words and deeds. Swami Vivekananda had said while invoking youth power that all powers are within you; you can do anything and everything. A youth with strong faith can change the course of history and times.

Young people have to face failures in life on many occasions, but then they get up with new goals and new perspectives and think something new. Youth is that period of life in which one has the feeling and strength to do something.

Some children are talented but due to circumstances like family financial crisis, and lack of adequate resources, they are not able to move ahead with their talent. They have to work beyond their talents to meet their family needs. They are not able to fulfil their dreams and thus due to this problem, they take the wrong path in life. Some frustrated and depressed youth reach the verge of suicide. Due to a lack of proper guidance and values, some youth go astray and get involved in terrorist and destructive activities. Some become involved in many misdeeds. Youths with confused, sad, disappointed, unsuccessful and weak mentality cannot fulfil the dream of a self-reliant India. Anyway, unemployment and child labour are the biggest problems and challenges in our country. Despite various efforts of the government and society, a large section of youth in rural areas are struggling for education, employment and a balanced life.

There is a need to direct them in a positive direction. Attention should be given to the development and training of youth. They need proper education and creative skill development so that they can prosper in the right direction.

The overall development and future of the nation depend on the potential of youth power. Youth are held responsible for the progress and development of any nation in terms of technology, science, medicine, research, economic, social, political and cultural.

Today the country is getting unprecedented support from youth power in the field of science and technology such as:

  • Sundar Pichai- CEO of Alphabet Company and CEO of its subsidiary Google.

  • Satya Mandela- CEO of Microsoft.

  • Kalpana Chawla- who was the first Indian-American astronaut. He not only achieved achievements in the world of space but also taught many students to live their dreams. She was a role model for young women internationally. He also inspired people to make their careers in aerospace engineering.

  • The names of Rakesh Sharma and Sunita Williams are also associated with space travel.

  • There is a beautiful saying by Nelson Mandela – The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth leadership is spreading its flag in every field, be it politics or national policy, industry or banking, sports or agriculture, justice or law. There is an abundance of young generation in the film industry. Kiran Bedi's amazing work in the police department is an inspiration for youth power. The youth power of the country is the basis of the army. It is no exaggeration to call it the engine of social development.

Youth leadership is spreading its flag in every field, be it politics or national policy, industry or banking, sports or agriculture, justice or law. There is an abundance of young generation in the film industry. Kiran Bedi's amazing work in the police department is an inspiration for youth power. The youth power of the country is the basis of the army. It is no exaggeration to call it the engine of social development.


Today the country is rapidly moving towards changing the entire environment that gives direction to personal, intellectual, entrepreneurial, mentality and talent, which is necessary for self-confidence and self-reliant India among the youth.

Just as Jamwantji awakened Hanumanji by introducing him to his power, in the same way, we too have to give the direction of consciousness to the youth. Investment today will pay dividends tomorrow. Today's shortage can cause tomorrow's challenge. Today's mistake may cost you dearly tomorrow.