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Mother's role in nation building

Mother's Role In Nation Building

Women have a special contribution to great creation. She is at the pinnacle of motherhood. She is both the giver of birth and the creator. The more prosperous and cultured the women are, the more advanced our society and nation will be. She plays an important role in nation-building by making children better citizens with the fragrance of her good values. That's why Napoleon had said – “Give me one hundred mothers, I will give you a good nation”.

Creation, maintenance and rhythm of the universe are done jointly by three Gods. But the mother alone gets absorbed in these forms and creates children, nurtures them and also frees them from bad qualities by opening all the doors of life development. Mother, is included in all three forms i.e., Mother-Mahatma-God, hence our culture proclaims: जननी जन्मभूमिष्च स्वर्गादपि गरियसी. Because there can be hundreds of reasons for death, but mother becomes the instrument to bring any soul to earth. Mother's presence is expressed in the joy and laughter of children. The mother's absence is expressed in the crying of the child. Right from the stage of pregnancy, the mother's values start having a special impact on the child more than the father's. For instance:

  • Dhritarashtra, Pandavas and Vidur all had the same father but due to different mothers, the results were different.

  • Sage Kashyap was the father of the creation of Suras and Asuras, but due to different mothers, Suras were created from one and Asuras from the other.

  • Abhimanyu had learned about the creation of Chakravyuh in his mother's womb itself.

  • Mahatma Prahlad was born in the lineage of Hiranyakashipu Asura's father only because of the values of his mother. During her pregnancy, she listened to the sacred stories at Naradji's ashram, due to which the unborn child Prahlad became a devotee of God.

  • Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana were born from Kuber's daughter, Vishrava Rishi Bhardwaj's daughter, and Sumali's daughter Kaiksi. All four had the same father but different mothers, resulting in different results.

The sacrifice and struggle of the mother is important for the success of the child. Mother is the child's greatest teacher. Mother is not only a mint of values but also a flowing fountain of values. At the same time, the stream of the waterfall of values flows in the society and nation through children. I believe that Mother is like a Tulsi on Chhappan Bhog. It is the wish of every mother that her creation should be excellent, beneficial to the people, self-conquering and mental-conquering.

In the words of Amitabh Bachchan – The name of the most advanced technology in the world is Mother. There is no problem in the world for which she doesn’t have a solution. With her loving touch, she downloads sorrows from our lives and uploads happiness. Therefore, tangible things like computers also need a “motherboard” to run efficiently. It is not only difficult but impossible to measure the coverage area of this technology. Mother is a walking university of humanity. Kudos to all the mothers out there!  You were the Best, you are the Best and you will always be the Best 😊