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Transforming Health with Anuradha by Ragi Ladoos, A2 Ghee & More

Transforming Health with Anuradha by Ragi Ladoos, A2 Ghee & More

Anuradha's Discovery of Organic Gyaan

Living in Dubai, Anuradha Parikh sought ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her family amidst the city’s fast pace. She found Organic Gyaan, a store dedicated to organic products that quickly became her trusted source for healthful eating. Impressed by their commitment to quality and natural ingredients, Anuradha embraced Organic Gyaan’s products, integrating them into her daily life.

Favorite Products and Personalized Service

Anuradha's top picks from Organic Gyaan are Ragi Oats Ladoo and A2 Ghee, both of which are key to her family’s healthier eating habits. The Ragi Oats Ladoo, made from millets and oats, is not just tasty but also packed with nutrients, making it a great snack for her kids. The A2 Ghee, made from the milk of Gir cows, is valued for its quality and health benefits, such as improving digestion and reducing inflammation. 

What makes shopping at Organic Gyaan special for Anuradha is the personalized service she receives. Kuldeep, the store’s owner, goes out of his way to ensure that even though she lives in Dubai, she can still get all her favorite items without any hassle. This level of care and commitment to customer satisfaction helps make Organic Gyaan stand out as more than just a store.

Watch Anuradha's Testimonial


Click here to watch Anuradha talk about how Organic Gyaan has transformed her family’s approach to health and eating. In the video, she shares her journey and the impact of incorporating organic products into their lifestyle.

The Impact of Organic Living

Anuradha’s shift to organic food is more than a dietary change it’s about embracing a lifestyle that supports both personal well-being and environmental sustainability. Her advocacy for organic living highlights the benefits extending beyond her own family to promote global health. She encourages everyone to explore the holistic advantages offered by Organic Gyaan.