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benefits of honey

What Are the Benefits of Honey?

Just a few days are gone of the first month of this new year, and how many of us are still stuck to our new year resolution of reducing weight in a healthy way? If you are still in, congratulations, and offer yourself a bottle of raw honey that will be your natural sugar in your weight loss journey. Honey is the only insect-created food and possesses great therapeutic, medicinal, and nutritional features. Worker bees work round the clock to produce even a small amount of honey. Praise their hard work and don’t keep the jar of honey just for spreading on the bread or mixing with your morning drinks. Explore more to know about other benefits of honey as well!

What is Honey?

 Honey is a viscous, thick liquid that we get from honeybees and is golden in colour. Bees extract nectar from the flowers of plants and store it in a honeycomb by regurgitating the process. Bees continuously flicker their wings around the hive to evaporate the water from the nectar. This is the original or also called raw honey which is free from any adulteration. One of the special things about raw honey is that it contains particles of bee pollen and bits of honeycomb, making it more nutritious.

So, raw honey is the purest honey which is unheated, unprocessed, and unadulterated that retains core nutrients. Consumption of honey is almost 2100 B.C.  back according to written evidence. The name derives from the English hunig, the first sweetener consumed by humans. One of the interesting facts about raw honey is it was once used as currency, tribute, or offering.

What are the Uses of Honey?

Honey, the eternal sweetener can be mixed up almost with any cooking method. Whether you are mixing it with plain fruits or spreading on the top of the crackers or mixing it with regular tea or coffee, it is just a perfect as well as healthy replacer for other sweeteners such as sugar.

Here are ways that illustrate honey uses in our daily life:

1. Twist your regular beverages with Honey

Irrespective of whether you are a coffee or tea lover, the honey infusion can bring the same sweetness with a healthy twist to refresh your mood. Many of us start our day with warm lemon water to reduce our weight. Adding honey to this will add to the health quotient and can greatly contribute to weight loss goals. Not only this, but you can also compliment your regular drinks, smoothies or sorbets with a honey twist for taste enhancement.

2. Enhance the regular bread/chapati with Honey spread

Eating bread or chapati at the breakfast is common for many of us. Instead of sprinkling powdered sugar to calm the sweet cravings, you can spread honey over the bread or chapati. With excellent flavour and moisture, bread with honey spread can be the best pairing.

3. Drizzle Honey over the Toast or Pancakes

Lovers of sweet drizzle can replace regular maple syrup with honey to have honey atop pancakes which are better served with butter, fruits, and nuts. Take it in its original form.

If you don’t have much time to explore recipes, just have a tablespoon of raw honey to start your day!

What Are the Influencing Benefits of Honey?

As you know the basics of honey and its uses, let’s move on to learn fascinating honey benefits!

1. As a good Fuel Food During Exercise and in Weight loss Management

If you are thinking about a good energy drink before or in the middle of the day, or post-workout, then raw honey can help you! It offers fuel for your muscles and keeps you active during or after post-workout. It is also been seen that by having a spoonful of honey before the workout, the brain may develop a positive association with exercise, which shows good effects. Furthermore, it burns body fats and can be a good companion in the weight loss journey. Having honey with warm water as the first drink in the morning may help to improve metabolism.

2. Skin Nourishment

With moisturizing and nourishing properties, raw honey can be the best for your skin. It works as the best natural moisturizer for dry skin and is easy to apply. It may also help in unclogging the pores, and moisturizing parched skin. During the winter, it can relieve cracked lips and a honey mask can be used for tone correction.

3. Reliable Home Remedy for Cough

Raw honey can help in offering relief for both dry and wet coughs, especially for children. Having a tablespoon of honey can calm throat irritation, and nocturnal cough, and let them have a proper sleep.

4. Memory Boosting Food

Honey uses spans the canvas of mental health benefits along with physical as well. The eternal sweetener may help us to increase concentration and sharpen memory. Raw honey may keep your brain active, calm, and soothing by preventing metabolic stress. This helps in augmenting memory for a longer period. 

5. Boosted Immunity

Using a reliable home remedy for many trivial health problems like sore throat, raw honey benefits can bring relief to several health problems. One can fight against bacterial infections with antioxidant properties. To improve immunity, it is advised to consume honey before breakfast. For children, it works as a cleansing toner which plays an important role in building good and sustainable immunity. 

6. Can Help in Eczema Control

Applying raw honey with cold-pressed olive oil on the skin can relieve eczema symptoms like red, itchy, and flaky skin. Honey may act as a natural cleanser and make the skin soft by removing dirt. Honey-oat application is also used for exfoliation of the skin to remove dead cells.

7. Detach from Processed Sugar

Honey can be a great substitute for sugar and can be easily added to beverages or food that need sugar to bring sweetness. Along with keeping the same taste and sweetness, raw honey can give health benefits. Also, if you have uncontrolled cravings, just have a spoonful of honey and see the magic!

Honey is better known as a natural sweetener for many years. They are nature’s own sweetener that our ancestors used to consume and that too in its original form. It is always beneficial to carry this healthy legacy ahead and win the health benefits without consuming any processed food. As it is not possible to go to the hills and gather the original honey straight from the beehives, we, act as a mediator between organically harvested pure honey and you. Buy our most-demanded product of raw honey and start something healthy that is sweet too!

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