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can coconut oil help you lose weight

Can Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Scientific results prove that it’s 80% about eating properly and 20% about doing the right exercise when it comes to weight loss in a healthy way. So just tweak your diet to achieve your desired weight loss. Using coconut oil for weight loss can be a good addition to your diet if you want to reduce excess fats healthfully.

Not only today but from ancient times, people have used coconut oil due to its healing properties and potential as edible oil.  There are proofs of using this oil as a home remedy for intestinal worms. The traditional manufacturing of coconut oil is by crushing and pressing the copra or coconut meat to extract the oil. Along with its core use as hair oil, coconut oil is used as a home remedy for burns, skin irritation, and cardiovascular health.

Is Organic Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Really Helpful for Weight Loss?

The world is divided into two sides on the use of coconut oil for weight loss. On one side it claims that with the keto diet and coconut, one can significantly reduce weight. But, on the other side, it also claims that higher fat contents of the oil are not that useful for reducing the extra kilos. There are several researchers who are working on evidencing whether coconut oil is good for weight loss or not. But here are some complementary benefits that help in your weight-reducing journey.

1. Promote Fullness for a Longer Time

Any weight loss diet concentrates on the intake of such food that keeps you fuller for a longer time to limit the cravings. The inclusion of coconut oil in the diet can help to achieve this by enhancing your appetite regulation. Some research claims that coconut oil can increase stomach volume which induces extended feelings of fullness as compared to low-fat meals.  Along with this benefit, one can experience improved digestion and boosted immune system with the oil’s protective properties. With the high saturated fat, the oil can increase satiety and thus can result in significant weight loss.

2. Coconut Oil for Belly Fat

Fat around the belly is the most tedious fat that needs extra effort to lose. One of the easiest ways of doing this is applying coconut oil to the belly button on a regular basis along with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. The MCTs present in coconut oil can result in belly fat reduction. Consuming virgin coconut oil on a regular basis may reduce abdominal fat and decline body fat percentage along with improved BMI. These low scales may also help to improve lipid levels along with low LDL levels.

3. Boosts Energy

One of the major disadvantages of a low-calorie diet is that although it sheds excess weight, it also lowers energy levels, resulting in dullness, lethargy, and muscle loss. On the contrary, a high-fat diet which contains coconut oil can boost energy levels with medium-chain fatty acids. These acids are transported to the liver to get converted into ketones. These ketones are major sources of efficient energy that may improve energy reserve in the body along with improving endurance and workout stamina. With increased strength, one can have a good and consistent workout and have influential weight loss.

4. Boost Metabolism

Coconut oil works best for people with poor metabolism. They can use organic wooden cold-pressed coconut oil to improve metabolic dysfunction, and glucose tolerance, and have weight loss with ease. As MCTs are present in higher volumes of coconut oil, one can have boosted metabolism and increased energy levels.

How Organic Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut Oil can be added to your Weight Loss Diet?

Although coconut oil is the best choice when it comes to healthy fat, you need to have a discussion with your health practitioner before adding it to your weight loss diet. Here are intelligently picked five ways to add coconut oil in your day-to-day life and burn more fat and have weight loss:

1. Start your Day with Coconut Oil and Lemon

Many of us start our day with lemon warm water. Now you can make an addition with coconut oil by adding 1 tsp of it into 1 glass of warm water containing 2 tsp of lemon juice. Take it first thing in the morning to keep you active throughout the day. Make it a habit for experiencing significant weight loss.

2. Use It as a Regular Cooking Oil

Although there are controversies about using coconut oil as a regular cooking oil, one can limit its use and have it on a regular basis. As it is enriched in medium-chain triglycerides and high smoking point, coconut oil is best for cooking processes, especially Indian cooking. It does not release free radicals upon heating and is more suitable for baking, frying, and stir-frying.

3. Use Coconut Oil as a Butter Substitute in Baking

The use of copious butter will certainly fetch you down from your weight loss dream. Include coconut oil as a substitute for butter and make good use of calories. Even one can use coconut sugar as a replacement for refined sugar and enjoy the nutty mild flavour.

4. Enhance your Smoothies or Shakes

Enhance your breakfast smoothies with coconut oil’s mild nutty flavour and kick start your weight loss journey with fat-burning smoothies. Get ¾th cup of Greek Yogurt, 2 tbsp coconut oil, ¼ tsp ginger, 4 almonds, and 1 tsp honey, and blend it together to keep yourself fuller for a longer time.

With the popular trend of including a plant-based fat diet to have weight loss, coconut oil is getting the fame back. Enriched with medium-chain fatty acids, including organic wooden cold-pressed coconut oil in moderation to your weight loss diet or using it sparingly can reap your desired fat loss with a low-calorie diet. It is always wiser to concentrate on the overall quality of your diet by having nutrient-dense food with consistent accompany of the right exercise. Have a word with your health nutritionist before changing your regular diet. Gain your confidence back with significant weight loss after their nod for the inclusion of coconut oil! Contact us for pure organic wooden cold-pressed coconut oil and be an inspiration for everyone by stretching yourself to shed those extra kilos/pounds.

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