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reasons to eat millets every day

The Top 5 Reasons to Eat Millets Every Day

Many health practitioners advise us to kick-start our day with a nutritional breakfast. We almost depend on staples like wheat or rice as breakfast cereals. But millets nutrition profile is so rich that they can raise a healthier option for your breakfast. Not only for breakfast, but they feature the potential to become core ingredients of meals. Before the immense popularity of wheat and rice, millets were the core ingredient of our food. But convenience, marketing strategies, and taste grabbed their crown position, and wheat and rice became the household names for staple grains. But in recent years, millets are getting their position back as many of us have learned millet benefits so well and are including them in our daily diet. If you are on another side and are yet to start, learn the top 5 reasons why you should not wait to include them in your daily food chart!

What are Millets?

Millets are small-seeded cereal crops, belonging to the grass family Poaceae. Africa and Asia’s continents are major producers of various types of millet. They got the fame today because of their easy-to-digest feature. Many dieticians recommend the consumption of millet as one of the breakfast cereals to have a stimulated start to the day.  Many millets can be survived during adverse weather and soil conditions, so they integrate less expense for farmers. Look, how millet benefits are not just limited to health but also economical! Millets can grow well even in dry zones and soil with marginal fertility. This is why they are also called climate-smart crops.

Which Millets are most Popular?

There are more than 20 types of millet but only a few of them are widely used. They all are packed loaded with nutrients and healthy vitals. Based on their taste, availability, and recognition, millets’ fame was restricted to a few of them. Here are some of the millets that are consumed worldwide:

Neutral Millets

Positive Millets


Foxtail Millet

Pearl Millet

Barnyard Millet

Finger Millet

Kodo Millet

Proso Millet

Little Millet

Desi Corn

Barnyard Millet


What are the Top 5 Reasons to eat Millet every day?

Millets integrate a nutrition-dense profile and propose several reasons to include them in the daily diet. To list on, we do mention here the top 5 of them:

1. Easy Digestion

Many of us are suffering from constipation, bloating, and digestion-related problems due to our hectic lifestyles. If you are counting the health benefits of millets, then improved digestion comes at the top position. This is because millets are considered a powerhouse of dietary fibres, soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fibre content, also known as a prebiotic, helps good bacteria in the human digestive system. It can also contribute to adding bulk to stool and get rid of several digestion issues like cramping, flatulence, and regular bowel function.

2. Help in Weight Management

They make millet your diet partner if you have boarded a weight loss journey. Wondered? Millets are enriched with fibre along with bioactive compounds that lead to keep us fuller for a longer time. This prolonged feeling of fullness can beat the mid-time cravings and snacking that can result in shading extra weight. Also, millet intake which is naturally low in calories and gluten-free, makes them an ideal superfood for weight loss. Proteins in millet raise a healthy option for breakfast which can result in lower accumulation of fat, energize your day, and improve your digestive tract to achieve sustainable weight loss figures.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Exploring several health benefits of millet, people suffering from imbalanced blood sugar levels may think that is millet good for diabetes? The answer is Yes, rather they are ideal food for them!  Grains like wheat and rice, due to their high glycaemic index, make themselves unsuitable grain for daily use. High-fibre and low-GI features of millet lead to keeping the blood sugar levels steady and also lower diabetes symptoms. Millets like pearl millet are best known for increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering levels of triglycerides. Collectively, millets become a suitable choice for diabetes control.

4. May Combat Cancer Cells

Millets nutrition profile covers enriched micronutrients like magnesium, phosphorous, niacin, zinc, and serotonin that help in bringing a soothing effect to your mood. Several millets such as bajra and jawar are mostly recommended in the cancer patient diet due to their contribution in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in human body tissue. Also, millets are a power source of phytochemicals that exhibit antiproliferative effects and slow down the formation and development of cancer cells in the colon, breast, and liver without causing any harm to normal cells.

5. Good for Cardiovascular Health

Regular consumption of millet significantly decreases triglyceride levels in the body. The antioxidants like beta-glucans, flavonoids, tannins, anthocyanidins, and others are great contributors to making the blood thin so that platelet clumping can be best avoided to reduce the risks of sunstroke and coronary artery disorder.

Our ancestors’ food was healthier and full of nutrients even though they did not know much about health quotient, dietary fibres, calories, and all modern fitness regimes. Millets used to span a major portion of their diet and dishes like millet porridge, millet bread were used to complete their meal. Let us follow our ancestor’s path and rejuvenate our health. Prefer only organically grown millets flour from us to incorporate millet’s nutrition in your daily diet. Energize yourself with our range of millet products and rejuvenate yourself by availing of incredible millet benefits!