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Green Cardamom

10 Health Benefits of Cardamom Backed by Science

“Be a cardamom in someone’s dessert.” – Swagatika Padhy.

Quotes like this relate to the importance of this mother of spices in our daily life. Really, cardamom, is a pod that is spindle in shape having a triangular cross-section covering a number of seeds. The use of cardamom is not limited to chai or biryani, but thousands of words can be written to illustrate the cardamom benefits that too backed by science.

What is Cardamom?

Cardamom or known as elaichi in Hindi, is a spice commonly used in both sweet and savoury dishes, has an intense, slightly sweet flavour.  It is also called as ‘Queen of Spices’ because of its medicinal properties, great taste, and aroma when added to drinks or recipes. Cardamom has proof of existence from ancient years, which is referred to ela in Sanskrit. The sweet and pungent flavour and aroma with hints of lemon and mint.

Cardamom is mostly found in two types:

  • Black cardamom

  • Green Cardamom

One can also have white cardamom which is nothing but a bleached version of green cardamom which lacks peppery overtones of that of origins but is enriched in the aroma. White cardamom is at its best when used as a whole in dishes like slow-cooked soups, and curries.

What is the Nutrition profile of Cardamom?

Nutritional Benefits Of Cardamom

Cardamom is enriched with several vitamins and minerals. It also possesses fibre features and has low in carbohydrates and calories level. Here is the complete nutritional profile of 1 tablespoon of ground cardamom:

  • Calories: 18

  • Fibre: 1.6 gms

  • Protein: 0.6 gms

  • Carbohydrates: 4.0 gms

  • Iron: 0.81 milligrams

  • Calcium: 22.2 milligrams

  • Potassium: 64.9 milligrams

  • Phosphorous: 10.3 milligrams

What is the difference between Black Cardamom and Green Cardamom?

Cardamom is found in Green and Black varieties widely. This Indian-origin spice, available worldwide today, not only enhances dishes but also features medicinal properties. Apart from looks, green cardamom and black cardamom are different from each other. Understand other aspects that highlight the difference:

Green Cardamom vs Black Cardamom

What is the Cardamom Health Benefits?

This Ginger family plant fruit is like a ‘Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka’ (small in size but loaded with lots of features). Explore the health benefits of cardamom:

Health Benefits Of Cardamom

1. Kill Bacteria and fungi

Cardamom oil, extracted from the cardamom seeds is the best remedy for killing bacteria and fungi as it has the antimicrobial ability. These extracts and essential oils are highly effective in fighting against a variety of bacterial strains that can cause food poisoning, stomach ache, and fungal infections. But don’t ingest these essential oils without a doctor’s advice as these tests are conducted in test tubes and not in humans.

2. Metabolic Syndrome

Fight against metabolic diseases like heart disease and cholesterol with this spindle-shaped weapon. Uses of cardamon also cover protection against obesity, hypertension, and high triglycerides. Researchers have found lower levels of C-Reactive protein, and inflammatory proteins, along with other health benefits like improved HB A1c levels and insulin.

3. Keep Oral Health intact

Annoyed by bad oral odour? Ditch those Mentos or mouth fresheners when you have cardamom-a natural oral freshener in handy! Along with breath freshness, cardamom helps to protect complete oral health by fighting against the bacteria that cause bad breath, gum disease, and cavities. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties balance the pH in the mouth and improve oral health.

4. Boost your Heart Health

Having antioxidant findings, cardamom improves heart functions, boosting overall heart health. Curcumin in cardamom may reverse many steps in heart disease processes. Cardamon also improves the function of the endothelium, which greatly contributes if dysfunctions.

5. Detoxify your Liver

Liver issues are becoming a major concern nowadays. According to Ayurveda elaichi or cardamom can lower stress levels and protect it from certain types of damage. Cardamom decreases liver inflammation and elevates liver enzymes.  

6. Fight Depression with this ‘Mother of Spices’

The aromatic power of cardamom can fetch a person in depression to much-healed state and help to combat mental stress and fight against it. One can have cardamom at its best to fight the depression journey by simply boiling it with water or just having a cup of elaichi tea. The cardamom when boiled stimulates and releases antidepressant effects which will help the patient to have relief.

7. Keep cancer at the bay

Natural phytochemicals fight against this haunting disease effectively. Though it doesn’t replace cancer treatment entirely, it can help in combat. Some studies reveal that cardamom also helps to cure the size and weight of their skin tumours.  

8. Prevent the Ulcer family members

Being from the ginger plant family, cardamom also can help with digestive ailments. Researchers found cardamom extract equally effective on ulcer defeating medicines. Cardamom along with other spices like turmeric and sembung leaf can help in protection from stomach ulcers.

9. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Cardamom has been highly effective against diabetes. High blood sugar levels can be brought down by slowing down the carb breakdowns in the digestive tracks. It also improves insulin sensitivity. Some researchers also prove that fasting sugar levels can be decreased by 10-29% when regular consumption of cardamom, specifically, 0.5-2 teaspoons per day is found.

10. Effective against Digestive Problems

As illustrated earlier, cardamom health benefits are just undoubtable. Cardamom is being used in digestion for several years. When mixed with other medicinal herbs, one can have relief from nausea, vomiting, and discomfort.

Uses of Cardamom are not limited to tea and its add-ons in traditional Indian dishes like Kheer or curry. Blend this Indian-origin ‘Queen of Spices’ in your daily dishes and experience the elevated taste that will calm your tastebuds and the everlasting aroma that will enchant your mind!

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