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health benefits of consuming 6 soaked black raisins per day

10 Health Advantages of Consuming 6 Soaked Black Raisins (Munakka) Per Day

Eating soaked nuts like almonds or black raisins first thing in the morning has been a ritual for many of us! Isn’t it? Our grandmother or mother used to soak these without fail after winding up the kitchen every night so that we reap their multiplied benefits! Such an adorable gesture! Even though the action takes less than a minute, black raisins benefits occupy a lifetime!

You don’t have to spend a pocketful of pennies and don’t have to go far as black raisins are pocket-friendly and easily available. Wondered why the tradition of soaking black raisins dripped down in various generations! Learn the science behind this and we are sure you will also get influenced to drop the packet of black raisins from our product catalogue into the cart!

What is the Nutritional profile of Black Raisins?

Black raisins are a sweet little and mild tangy item that honours the dry-fruit category with in-built nutrient power and are made by drying certain varieties of black grapes. They are popped as a whole or are used as decorators of desserts- kheer, cakes, and biscuits. The juicy flavour of black raisins can satisfy your sweet tooth and is known as kali kishmish in India. When they are soaked overnight, the benefits are multiplied. The soaked black raisins benefits are countless and thus, they rise as a better option for a healthy mid-time munching item. We explore the complete nutrition profile of black raisins for you:

  • Calories: 408

  • Carbs: 107 gm

  • Potassium: 1284 mg

  • Sodium: 12 mg

  • Dietary fibre: 9.8 gm

  • Iron: 26%

  • Vitamin C: 11%

  • Vitamin A: 2.1%

  • Calcium: 9.5%

*Serve size- 1 cup

What are the promising Health Advantages of Consuming 6 Soaked Black Raisins Per Day?

Not only lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho but leading dieticians and nutritionists also recommend making a routine of eating 6 soaked black raisins per day for reaping the health benefits. Why are they promoting this myth? Learn the reasons behind this right here, right now!

1. Improves Vision Power

Black raisins are loaded with antioxidants – polyphenols and phytonutrients. Also, the Vitamin enrichment profile found in the black raisins may help to protect our eyes from free radical damage, macular degeneration, cataracts, and others. Making a habit of eating 6 soaked black raisins early in the morning can improve vision power by preventing eye dryness, and may lower the risks of night blindness.

2. Eases Hypertension

Black raisins are a prime source of dietary fibre that reduces bad cholesterol levels in the body. Soaked raisins are rich in essential minerals such as potassium which play a significant role in maintaining blood pressure levels and protecting the body. It may also help in keeping the body away from the risk of life-threatening complications such as blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Cures Dry Cough

Chewing-soaked raisins work magically for treating dry cough. It works as a cough suppressant and reduces irritation in the throat. Ayurveda also recommends that manukka or raisins are good for dry cough due to their Snigdha nature. Black raisins effectively soothe the throat and give relief from dryness. 

4. Allies in Weight Management

Soaking six black raisins overnight and consuming them in the morning on an empty stomach will surely aid you in your weight loss journey. It suppresses food cravings with a high source of leptin content. Black raisins also enhance thermogenesis within the body and speed up the destruction of fatty cells. Also, the rich dietary fibre acts as a probiotic and improves food movement in the digestive tract. It is also advised to eat black raisins before the workout so that your body gets recharged with natural sugar.

5. Improves Oral Health

Many of us struggle with bad breath and poor oral health. Black raisins are the solution for them. It fights tooth decay with in-built oleanolic acid and kills microbes and bacteria causing it. Black raisins are affordable calcium-rich food that can strengthen your teeth and keep your mouth fresh for a longer time.

6. Alleviate Constipation and Regularize Bowel Movements

Black raisins are packed with dietary fibre so can work effectively in constipation treatment. The rich dietary fibre also contributes to regularizing bowel treatment in the morning. Soaked raisins are one of the effective home remedies for people plagued with constipation, chronic inflammation, and poor gut microbiome.

7. Fights Iron Deficiency and Anaemia

Many women suffer from iron deficiency and anaemia due to monthly cycle flows and ignorance of health. Benefits of Black raisins for female work the best in these aspects and can boost the production of red blood cells to treat iron deficiency and anaemia in women. With 26% of iron content, black raisins consumption raises haemoglobin levels by meeting daily iron requirements. 

8. Relaxes Vertigo

Vertigo is a form of dizziness and black raisins can treat it very well. According to several health experts, black raisins can keep blood pressure and cholesterol at specified levels. Additionally, black raisins may help in controlling hypertension, and apparently, the vertigo.

9. Get Glowing Skin and Strong Hair

We all know that black raisins are a powerhouse of antioxidants and can repair cellular cell damage effectively. It can keep your skin young and glowing by detoxifying your body internally. The higher dosage of antioxidants may help to prevent early ageing signs of skin like fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and others. Soaked black raisins are loaded with vitamins A and E that deeply nourishes your skin internally. Phytochemicals found in the black raisins may help to protect your skin from sun exposure. Not only skin, but the consumption of soaked raisins also improves hair health and makes them stronger, voluminous. The Vitamin C of black raisins maintains collagen and encourages hair growth. It also makes the blood vessels strong and reduces dandruff, scalp damage, and flaking.

10. Benefits for Female

Black raisins are complete bliss for women and impact several health aspects of them. They work as blood purifiers and detox the body. Along with this, benefits of balck raisins for female include treating PCOS, irregular menstrual cycle, blood clots during periods, and others. With a powerhouse of iron, it is advised to consume at least 6 soaked black raisins per day so that you are away from anaemia and generate a sufficient number of RBCs. Amino acids in the black raisins contribute to increased blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and can work effectively in treating PCOS.

Old is gold, and it is proved again in the case of black raisins. Down memory lane, our elder generations were always relying on nature for getting solutions to health problems rather than popping up different pills. And, black raisins are one of the assured allies for getting complete health for a longer time. Renowned life coach Luke Coutinho also adored these black wonderful seeds and Black raisins are loaded with essentials like amino acids, Vitamins A, C, E, and others and can provide an affordable option as compared to items falling in the same categories.

Black raisins are beneficial for both men and women to get relief from various health issues like infertility, PCOS, constipation, acne, and lots more. But benefits are multiplied when the food is free from pesticides and artificial flavours. So, prefer black raisins from us to ensure its organic status as well as premium quality and get remarkable health advantages!

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