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10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon - Organic Gyaan

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon

With a hot piping creamy cinnamon coffee, a pleasant ambience, soothing music, and a thoughtful book, there cannot be more than this to define a perfect day! The enchanting aroma of cinnamon will automatically change the mood and will spread a breeze of freshness.

Although, cinnamon is not just limited to this! There are enchanting cinnamon benefits that you would be surprised by… Thus, this earthy yet sweet spice is used as an ornamental ingredient in multiple recipes. Right from cinnamon tea or coffee to cinnamon rolls, all delicacies are just incomparable. Like the unmatching recipes, the health benefits of cinnamon are also exceptional. Learn them right here to sprinkle this magical powder a little more!

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon belongs to the family of Cinnamomum trees, which are native to the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia. There are shreds of evidence that cinnamon is used almost 2000 BC ago in Ancient Egypt. Countries like the United States and Europe has ranked this spice second in the most popular category after the black pepper. This shows the appreciation and increased influence of the cinnamon aroma.

In India, cinnamon is also popularly known as dalchini and is one of the common spices found in almost every home. One can use this spice in the powdered form, as a whole, or in the oil form. The touch of sweet notes will surely delight your sweet tooth when added to recipes. In most cases, cinnamon is used in powder form, which is made from grinding dried cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon powder benefits include adding a plus factor in baking as well as acting as a home remedy in preventing several health issues with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Why one should have Cinnamon in the Kitchen?

Don’t keep your cinnamon just for coffee or tea, dig more to explore cinnamon nutrition benefits so that you can have aromatic dishes with added joy! Let’s have a quick glance at the top 10 health benefits that are backed by scientific evidence:

1. In-Built Properties of Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, and Anti-Fungal

Cinnamon is an excellent source of antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties which are needed to keep us fit and healthier. Cinnamon is a common home remedy for preventing several microbial infections like lung issues or the common cold. It is enriched with Cinnamaldehyde which fights against bacterial and fungal infections. In-habitant bacteria like salmonella can also help in controlling respiratory infections which are caused by fungi.

2. Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Enriched with antioxidants, cinnamon may help us to reduce oxidative stress and fight several neural health problems. Cinnamon is full of prime antioxidants like choline, beta-carotene, and alpha-carotene, which makes it a powerful natural food preservative. The procyanidins extracted from cinnamon possess high-standard antioxidant features, which may help to reduce free radical damage and slow the ageing process.

3. Cinnamon for Diabetes

We all know the importance of insulin which helps to control blood sugar levels. For diabetic people, cinnamon works as a wonder in improving sensitivity to insulin so that you can regulate blood sugar levels. They can lower serum glucose, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides with regular cinnamon consumption. Cinnamon may help to activate several digestive enzymes, which will slow the absorption of sugar even after a high-carb meal.

4. Balance the Cholesterol Levels

A compound known as cinnamate of cinnamon may help in decreasing enzyme activity that makes cholesterol. With regular consumption, one can reduce the fatty acids in the blood and apparently, the reduction in bad cholesterol levels. Lowering cholesterol levels and effective in lowering blood pressure, cinnamon helps in reducing the potential of heart disease.

5. Lower Blood Pressure

Consumption of cinnamon on a regular basis will help in lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Medicinal properties of cinnamon may help dilate and relax the blood vessels, which may reduce blood pressure levels, apparently.

6. A Remedy for Skin Problems

With rooted antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, one can fight against several skin health issues like skin irritation, rashes, allergic reactions, and skin infections. Cinnamon in the form of oil can be directly applied to the skin to reduce inflammation, swelling, and skin redness. One home remedy - cinnamon and honey can boost skin health.

7. Useful in Eradicating Harmful Cells in the Body

Cinnamaldehyde of cinnamon features strong properties that help alleviate harmful cells in the body. These properties may help in preventing the growth of cancer cells and the formation of blood vessels in tumours. Daily cinnamon consumption in either form can help in having protective action against colon cancer.

8. Neuro-Protective Spice

With rich anti-oxidant properties, cinnamon preserves brain function and even can boost them. One can find a way to defend against the development of various neurological disorders. Some studies support that cinnamon may help in developing certain proteins in the brain to reduce brain health issues.

9. Effective on Inflammation

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants with which people can stay fit and fight oxidative stress and issues like inflammation, and fatigue. With anti-inflammatory properties, one can prevent and repair damaged tissues. One can prevent swelling and blood platelets clumping with in-built Cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamon tea is an effective remedy for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. Cinnamon tea benefits the improvement of blood circulation where it is disturbed.

10. Improves Digestion

The cinnamaldehyde and cinnamyl acetate of cinnamon are stimulative components of the digestive system and can improve the digestive process. One can find relief and prevent nausea with regular consumption of cinnamon.

How to use Cinnamon Powder & Which Spices go the Best with it?

Spices and herbs make the dish appetizing and flavourful. Same way, cinnamon powder benefits cover not only the baking process but can be used in a variety of dishes to infuse flavour and depth. Learn some unique ways of using cinnamon powder to have aromatic flavour in your cooking:

  • Rub your veggies with cinnamon powder before roasting them in the oven and feel the magic of exotic flavour and aroma.

  • Cinnamon tea and coffee are the show stealers in the beverage industry. They will just refresh your mood with their exceptional aroma and taste.

  • Make your oatmeal delicious by adding this sweet cinnamon powder.

  • Cinnamon powder can be a good seasoner and it can be also added to the curries and stews to make them more tempting and savoury.

The cinnamon powder will enhance the taste for sure but when it gets mixed with some other spices, things get out of the world. Know the other spices, which are perfect partners of cinnamon powder:

  • Nutmeg powder particularly goes well with cinnamon powder as both have blending flavours so they can complement each other.

  • Ginger powder is another partner which can give some warmth with its slightly spicy flavour along with the sweetness of cinnamon powder.

  • With a very strong flavour, clove powder will add a bit of depth to dishes with cinnamon powder.

If you have smelled the exotic aroma of cinnamon as soon as you enter the house, then make sure that you are spending some good time with people of good taste. After all, we fully agree with Daniel Handler’s quote- “Anyone who gives you a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven is a friend for life!”. Cinnamon powder benefits are overwhelming and can pervade our lives with its unique aroma and sweet taste. Add cinnamon which is more than a spice to your special recipes and start a fresh and pleasant aromatic journey of taste! Select us for buying a readymade cinnamon powder or fresh organic cinnamon and just enjoy the aroma of a healthy life!

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