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Benefits & More
  • Organic Til Oil
  • Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil
  • Unrefined, Natural & Processed at Low Heat
  • Rich Source of Vitamin E
  • Contains Copper, Zinc, Iron and Calcium
  • Used Finest Organic Sesame Seeds
  • Good For Bone Lubrication
  • Excellent for skin and hair care
  • May help maintain blood pressure levels
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • No solvents or additives used for extraction
Healthy alternative to normal cooking oil - black sesame oil
Process of black sesame oil - wooden cold pressed
Wooden cold pressed oil vs regular refined oil
Certified organic black sesame oil
Range of wooden cold Pressed oil

Black Sesame Oil, also known as gingelly oil or til ka tel, is the queen of oils because of its versatile uses. From culinary to hair to skin, organic black til oil has benefits of therapeutic significance. It is widely used for its characteristic taste and flavour. Also, the Black Sesame Seed Oil is noted for being rich in several polyunsaturated fatty acids such as palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linolenic, linolenic and eicosenoic fatty acids.

Organic Gyaan offers you unadulterated, unrefined and Wooden Cold Pressed Black Sesame Seed Oil that is absolutely natural and has essential nutrients in it. So, why choose Organic Gyaan’s Wooden Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil?

The Manufacturing Process

  • Cold pressed oil extraction method involves crushing oil-bearing nuts or seeds at low rotation per minute (RPM) to emit lesser heat and retain quality and flavor.
  • Wooden Kolhus are used for the extraction process, where seeds are continuously rotated and crushed.
  • The wooden container helps absorb heat, keeping the temperature below 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Cold pressed oil retains its original flavor, taste, aroma, and nutritional value due to the low heat and wooden container.
  • Regular refined oils are extracted using high temperatures of over 300 degrees Celsius and chemical solvents, which degrade flavor, taste, and nutritional composition.
  • Cold pressed sesame oil is particularly beneficial, as it contains vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and manganese.
  • The extraction process ensures the highest purity and quality of sesame seed oil.

Wooden Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil Benefits for Health

  • Calcium is good for bones and muscles, so consuming black sesame edible oil can have great benefits for your bones.
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants and thus repairs damaged cells in the body.
  • Black Sesame Oil is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help in healthy digestion.
  • Black Sesame Oil is rich in protein, zinc, iron, fatty acids and antioxidants that promote healthy hair and skin.

Uses Of Organic Black Sesame Oil

  • You can do a light gentle massage on the scalp to add shine to the hair.
  • It’s the best cooking oil used in baking, sauteing, frying, roasting and other forms of cooking.
  • You can use Black Sesame Oil for oil pulling to improve oral health.
  • It can be best used for body massage as well as massaging the body of infants for healthy growth.

What is black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil?
Black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil is a type of cooking oil that is made from black sesame seeds that are cold pressed using traditional wooden presses. The oil has a distinct nutty flavor and aroma and is commonly used in Asian cuisine.

What are the benefits of using black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil?
Black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil is high in antioxidants, healthy fats, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial for skin and hair health.

How should black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil be stored?
Black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. It is recommended to use the oil within 6 months of opening the bottle.

How is black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil used in cooking?
Black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil is often used as a flavoring oil in stir-fries, dressings, marinades, and sauces. It can also be used for deep frying due to its high smoke point.

Can black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil to be used for skincare?
Yes, black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil is commonly used in skincare due to its anti-inflammatory properties and high vitamin E content. It can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with other ingredients to make DIY skincare products.

Is black sesame oil wooden cold-pressed oil safe for people with nut allergies?
Black sesame oil is made from sesame seeds, which are not considered nuts. However, some people with nut allergies may still be sensitive to sesame seeds and should consult their doctor before using black sesame oil wooden cold pressed oil.

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