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Pearl Millet / Bajra

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Pearl Millet, commonly known as bajra, is a powerfully nutritious and easily digested cereal grain. However, being non-glutinous makes it’s a healthy option for people with celiac disease and gluten allergy.

Organic Gyaan Pearl Millets are packed with carbohydrates, essential amino acids, minerals like phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, and ample vitamins, including thiamine, riboflavin, and folic acid, and beta carotene. Organic Gyaan Pearl Millet may help control diabetes. It is potent in controlling diabetes because it contains carbohydrates digested slowly and maintains a stable glucose level for a longer period. It is rich in dietary fibers, and the cholesterol-lowering properties of these bajra grains are an excellent choice for heart patients. Its high phosphorus content may help you in making your bone stronger. Also, little ones easily digest pearl millets and are well-tolerated, making them a mandatory ingredient for baby food preparations during the weaning period and even later on. A healthier choice for pregnant women and nursing mothers due to iron and folic acid contents may reduce the risk of colon cancers.

Bajra or Pearl Millets can be easily found in various forms of daily consumption. You can make various dishes with Organic Gyaan Pearl Millet/ Bajra Grains, including khichdi, idli, dosa, pancakes, cake, poha, and upma. Enjoy your favorite dishes with organic Gyaan unpolished Pearl/ Bajra Millets Grains, with love from the heart of a homemaker.

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