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Kodo Millet Flour

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One of the most popular and commonly consumed superfoods is Kodo millet. The other name of Kodo is Koda or arke. Kodo millets are available in seeds as well as Kodo millet flour. Kodo millet in flour form is the best way to consume this because Kodo millet nutrition is super high!

As per Ayurvedic text, Kodo millet is referred to as langhana which makes the body feel lighter when consumed. Thus, it is regarded as a nourishing millet that is prized for its culinary, medicinal, and therapeutic properties. Eating Kodo millet flour is excellent for managing blood sugar levels, easing weariness, and curing wounds.

Organic Gyaan offers you stone-ground Kodo millet flour which is pure, natural, and gluten-free. It is processed using an authentic stone-ground method which contains no heavy machinery, no chemicals, or other harmful preservatives. It is organic and contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are necessary for the body!

Kodo Millet Flour Health Benefits

  • It is rich in fibre and protein and thus helps in weight management.
  • It may help balance sugar levels in the body.
  • Kodo millet flour is low in calories and thus helps regulate high cholesterol.
  • Being high in dietary fibre, Kodo millet flour will help soothe irritable bowel system.
  • Kodo millet is a time-tested home remedy for healing external wounds. Mix one spoonful of fresh Kodo millet flour with water and apply it to the affected area on the skin to alleviate pain and also to accelerate the process of healing.

Kodo Millet Flour Uses

  • You can use it to make idli and dosa.
  • Can be used to make rotis and parathas
  • Also, can be used to make papads and khakhra
  • Make sweet dishes like halwa, sweet adai, etc.

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