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Key Benefits
  • Aromatherapy– The combination of cow dung and herbs used in havan kund can have various therapeutic properties, including stress relief and mood enhancement.

  • Religious Significance– Burning of havan kund is also believed to purify the environment and attract positive energy.

  • Concentration and Focus– The pleasant aroma can create a conducive environment for meditation and focused activities.

  • Traditional Medicine– In Ayurveda, certain types of Dhoop are believed to have medicinal qualities, including antimicrobial properties.


Havan kund dhoop made of cow dung is an innovative and eco-friendly way to perform religious and spiritual rituals at home. Traditionally used, these havan kunds serve as an integral part of various Hindu ceremonies. This havan kund for home is so designed which will make it easy for you to do offerings like the one we do with agni kund.

Nowadays, it's easier than ever to have a havan kund for home, thanks to our online store – Organic Gyaan. We offer the best havan kund price in order to suit individual needs. You can shop hawan kund online and perform your religious rituals in the best possible manner. These cups are not only natural and sustainable but also produce less smoke compared to conventional dhoop. Cow dung is revered for its purifying properties, making it an excellent choice for religious ceremonies.

When you buy Havan Kund online from our online store you will have the easiest and hassle-free experience. The affordability and availability make them accessible for anyone interested in conducting rituals at home. In summary, havan kunds made of cow dung offer a cleaner, greener alternative for your spiritual practices without compromising on the essence of tradition.

Havan Kund Uses

  • Havan kund dhoop can be used for various religious ceremonies and festivals.
  • The fumes produced by burning havan kund are believed to cleanse the environment of negative energies, fostering spiritual cleansing.
  • When mixed with natural fragrances like sandalwood or camphor, these cups act as natural diffusers, promoting mental clarity and relaxation.
  • Cow dung is revered for its purifying properties. The smoke emitted from the burning havan kund is thought to purify the air, acting as a natural disinfectant.

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