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Benefits & More
  • Made from desi cow dung
  • Best during pooja, special occasions & festivals
  • Helps you relax and unwind 
  • Purifies air
  • Makes environment calm and soothing
  • Wards of evil & negativity
  • Best for meditation, spiritual practices, and yoga
  • Help increase generosity and mindfulness
  • Induces sleep
  • Organic dhoop batti
  • Low smoke more aroma

Burning Dhoop Batti is viewed as a symbol of honoring God and has long been a component of Hindu ceremonies. During a Big Puja, Havana, or ordinary puja, Dhoop Batti is burned to represent a person's devotion to God. We offer dhoop for pooja to enrich our worship by making the environment and surroundings pure and divine. 

Organic Gyaan offers you Guggal Dhoop batti which is organic and made from natural ingredients like cow dung. This organic Dhoop Batti has natural freshness and healing properties to uplift your overall mood and make the day lively. It also has antibacterial properties that clean your surroundings and make the air smell better. Buring guggal dhoop every day at home wards off evil and negative energy from the home and keeps you safe and protected.

How To Light Guggal Dhoop Batti?

Hold the edge and light the tip of the guggal dhoop batti until the tip is burned and a red glow is seen. Place the guggal dhoop batti on a heat-resistant surface and enjoy the fragrance.

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