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Full Moon Cultured - Desi Ghee

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It is easy to understand the impact of the full moon’s vibrational energy on the human body if one were to view the gravitational effect on changing tides in ocean currents. The 3/4th part of the human body is water. These water molecules in our body regulate our emotional needs and change as soon as it comes in contact with the full moon’s fluctuating frequency. A deeper effect is caused on the human body by the vibrations of the moon’s close proximity to the earth.  

Thus, making desi ghee during the full moon phase has greater advantages to providing more nutrition to the human body, mind, and soul. According to theory, consuming full moon ghee would cause the brain to release good chemicals that will relax the nervous system and maintain the body in a state of mental happiness. Another theory is that when cows graze in wide fields during the full moon, the grass and plants are charged up with full moon energy which is transmitted to the cows.

Further, the blades of grass are said to practically stretch up to the sky when they feel the vibrating pull and after eating those grass the milk, we get out of the cows has higher vibrational energy as well as higher nutritional benefits. This milk goes into preparing the desi cow ghee and hence it is considered very pious, and powerful that offers multiple health benefits.

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