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brown sugar

What Is Brown Sugar?

Humans differ from other animals in various aspects and one of the interesting aspects is that we have developed several tastes like sour, sweet, spicy, bitter, and salty. Among all these tastes, sweetness is considered the king of tastes. Sugar is used as a natural sweetener and is used as a taste enhancer in several recipes. But health enthusiasts are keeping this substance at bay and finding out alternatives to white refined sugar.

If you hit a search button on the internet with the pre-texting of the adverse effects of consuming excess white refined sugar, you will get thousands of pages loaded. Brown sugar, on the other hand, is the healthiest associate which can replace white refined sugar by eliminating its most-probable side effects and can develop a caramel taste to the recipe that is different from that of white sugar.

What is Brown Sugar?

It is a proud thing for Indians that we are the inventors of crystalized sugar. Around 350 AD, during the Gupta dynasty, there are proofs of producing the first chemically refined sugar. After that, the technique is then shared with travelling Buddhist Monks that rejuvenated in China and across the world.

A lot has been chewed about the adverse effects of daily consumption of white sugar, which leads to shifting focus from white to its darker cousin- brown sugar. It is a sucrose sugar product with a unique brown colour because of molasses which is not there in white sugar. As it is unrefined or partially refined soft sugar, it is often called raw sugar.

Brown sugar is made by adding molasses syrup to boiling sugar crystals in the sugar refining process. Another way of making this sugar is by coating the granular white sugar with molasses. Most brown sugar has almost 5% of molasses by weight. If we go through the nutrient chart of brown sugar, it is observed that it is almost similar to that of white sugar.

Nutrient Aspects

Nutrient Value per 1 Teaspoon (4.6 grams)




4.5 g


4.5 g


1.3 mg




If you are a regular visitor to supermarkets, then you will notice that there are several types of brown sugar as well. Although all of them are good and as sweet as white sugar and offer a cane molasses flavour, there is a slight difference between them. Here is a quick look at the types of sugar and their variants:

1. Brown Sugar

It is further divided into three types of sugar:

  • Unrefined Brown Sugar - Unrefined brown sugar is made directly from cane juice and is not centrifuged at any stage of processing.
  • Raw Brown Sugar - This organic raw sugar also comes from freshly harvested cane and contains fewer molasses ranging from 3 to 8 per cent.
  • Refined Brown Sugar - This category, is not naturally brown. They are a blend of white sugar crystals and cane molasses.

 2. White Sugar

It is also further divided into several categories, depending on the size and texture of the granules.

  • Granulated sugar

  • Superfine sugar

  • Powdered sugar

  • Sugar cubes

Difference Between Brown Sugar and White Sugar:

There are several controversies about whether both brown and white sugars are the same or not. Nutrient profile facts showed almost similar results when studies were carried out for brown sugar vs white sugar. Let’s get a thorough look at the other differences between these sugars:


Unrefined Brown Sugar

Refined White Sugar





Coarser can have a moist texture

Finer, more uniform granules


Minimally processed; retains molasses

More heavily processed to remove molasses


Slightly higher in certain minerals (iron, calcium, and potassium) due to the molasses.

No significant amounts of vitamins or minerals


Rich, deep flavour due to the molasses

The neutral, sweet flavour

Use in Baking

Often used for added flavour, moistness, and colour

Commonly used, provides sweetness without affecting colour

Caloric Value

Low-Calorie Content

High-Calorie Content


Benefits of Brown Sugar:

Brown sugar consists of fewer calories as compared to white sugar and thus comes as a healthy substitute for it. Additionally, it is enriched with multiple micronutrients like zinc, calcium, iron, and phosphorous that regulate several functionalities of our body.

So, let’s learn the benefits of brown sugar that underline it as a healthy choice:

1. Good for Women’s Health

Brown sugar can provide bearable relief for women’s health problems. The potassium ingredients can soothe the pain and muscle cramps. Many cultures blend brown sugar and ginger to make a home remedy for discomfort on those special days.

2. Improves the Digestion

Brown sugar stuffed with a fair amount of minerals and vitamins boosts the metabolism process. These ingredients improve the digestion process and sustain energy levels even with low-calorie intake.

3. Can be your partner in Weight Management Journey

Keeping a tab on calorie intake is one of the major tasks in the weight loss journey. Brown sugar calorie scale is low than that of white sugar and also makes the metabolism faster. So, if you are looking for an alternative to white sugar that will not increase your calorie intake as well as you don’t have to sacrifice the sweetness from your life, then brown sugar is a good choice for you.

4. Improve Skin Health

If you search for home remedies for improved skin health, you will find that most of the remedies have a common substance and that is brown sugar. Organically grown brown sugar can be a good skin exfoliant because of its rough texture. This can fetch out dirt, grime, and dead skins without much effort.

Nowadays, health professionals recommend staying away from white things like all-purpose flour, salt, and white sugar and embracing brown things like jaggery, brown sugar, brown rice, and others. As white sugar is called poison and may lead to cause obesity and type 2 diabetes with a higher level of fructose, people with a sweet tooth need to look for an alternative to stop them from sacrificing sweetness from their life. Organically grown Brown sugar is the perfect substitute for them. Don’t minus the sweetness from life, but just make it correct with brown sugar instead of its whiter version!

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