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Benefits of Dry Fruits

Incorporate these Nutrient-Rich Dried Fruits into your Diet for their Health Advantages

Are you thinking of replacing your unhealthy snack with a healthy one? Want to know what can be the best option for you to keep you healthy? Confused about which dry fruit you should add to your daily diet to get its benefit?

Well, you are going to get the answer to all these questions. This blog is going to tell you about the list of dry fruits which you can add to your daily life and enjoy savouring & getting all their benefits. Nowadays, people are becoming so health conscious because of their hectic schedules and busy lifestyles that they are finding healthy options which have beneficial and essential nutrients. One such food is dry fruits! They are nutrient-dense, and healthy and help keep you full for a longer period of time!  But before knowing more about dry fruits know; why dry fruits and not any other snack for replacement?

Why Dry Fruits?

Dry fruits are loaded and filled with healthy nutrients and many of them are considered superfoods due to their high nutritional value. On the other hand, junky snacks can increase unhealthy fats and carbohydrates that can be harmful to you in many ways. If you are someone who has low metabolism then certain kinds of dry fruits can help boost your metabolism. There are many more health benefits of dry fruits.

List of Dry Fruits to Add to Your Diet

Here is the list of dry fruits to add to your diet to get a healthy lifestyle:

1. Cashews: Cashews also known as ‘Kaju’ are quite popular in India. This dry fruit is actually very beneficial for weight management because it contains a high amount of Magnesium which helps your body regulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

2. Almonds: It is one of the best dry fruits ever. Known as ‘Badam’, it is low in calories and high in protein. They also have nutrients like mono-saturated fats and antioxidants that help largely to keep the body fit and healthy. Furthermore, eating a small number of almonds can enhance your memory power and lower bad cholesterol.

3. Walnuts: Also known as ‘Akhrot’ can be a great addition to your diet as walnuts contain a high amount of good fat such as Omega 3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). These good fats help to reduce body fat and are also good for cardiovascular problems. You can keep your cardiovascular system healthy by consuming walnuts in moderation.

4. Raisins: Raisins also called ‘Kishmish’ which are basically dried grapes! It has multiple health benefits out of which weight management is prominent. This dry fruit is high in Iodine and thus makes a good option for people who wants to regulate their metabolism and improve their weight!

5. Pistachios: If anyone has the habit of snacking then pistachio also known as ‘Pista’ is going to be the best option for you as pistachios are high in Fibre which will keep you full for a longer period and also Fibre is good for digestion as it aids with bowel movement.

6. Dates: Dates are also known as ‘Khajoor’. They are so delicious in taste and help in the weight management journey. They contain a high amount of Fibre and beneficial vitamins like Vitamin B5 which helps in boosting your stamina.

7. Apricot: Also known as ‘Khubani’ can stop you to feel hungry at least for 5 hours after you will eat them. They provide your body with Magnesium, which regulates fat metabolism. Apricots have a slightly sweet taste and can be added to dessert while or after cooking. 

8. Figs: Figs contain a digestive enzyme known as ficin. This enzyme helps in weight management when combine with other enzymes present in the digestive tract. If you ever get a craving of eating something sweet and healthy then go for this dry fruit. Dried Figs are called ‘Anjeer’.

9. Hazelnut: These nuts contain high Fibre as well as good or healthy fats and both of these things help in weight management and improve the digestive system. As you read in this blog above, this dry fruit can keep you feeling full for a longer time.

10. Prunes: Prunes are commonly dried plums. They have a content of dietary Fibre, which promotes peristaltic movement in the intestine. As a result, waste gets released from the body quite quickly and this dry fruit can also help in weight management.

These were some healthy dry fruits that you can add to your diet to make it healthy. Let’s know about the health benefits of dry fruits:

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

1. Improving Mental Health: Beta- Carotene is an antioxidant found in dry fruit which helps to keep you free from anxiety and mental stress. Furthermore, it also helps you to be better rested on a whole level and improves your sleeping quality.
2. Provides Energy: Lots of dry fruits are filled with nutrients like Vitamin B, phosphorous and copper. Raisins and prunes are two of them. These two dry fruits have the perfect package for good blood health add almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts with them and it’ll be going to boost the stamina of a person.
3. Strengthened Immunity: Dry fruits are the best source of boosting immunity. They are rich in potassium, iron, folate, calcium and magnesium. Dry fruits are an excellent source of getting essential nutrients as you already read before and all these qualities of them bolster the immunity system.
4. May Help Alleviate Constipation: As said before, Fibre is an essential ingredient in the food we eat because it helps in binding everything up and makes stool passing easy. If you are suffering from constipation problems then go for dry fruits like figs and hazelnut.
5. For Hair: Consuming dry fruits is extremely beneficial for hair health! Dry fruits like figs, dates and almonds are extremely effective for overall hair care. These dry fruits are packed with nutrients which promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Figs contain a high level of vitamin C which helps to stimulate production. Collagen is an essential element for healthy hair growth. Dates are an essential source of iron which is also important for the health of hair. Dates have some other nutrients like magnesium, potassium and zinc which help in hair growth. And, what to say about almonds they are like a boon for hair.  You might have used almond oil for your hair and that’s because they are filled with biotin which is important for hair. A biotin deficiency can hamper hair health, so include these dry fruits in your diet today.
6. For Weight Management: If you want to consume dry fruits for weight loss then this is the best option for sure but keep these things in your mind given below:
  • Always consume dry fruits in moderation because they are packed with nutrients and a sufficient amount of them is enough for your health.

  • Overconsumption can be harmful as they are calorie-rich.

  • While losing weight try to consume dry fruits without any additives.

  • Last but not least; eat natural dry fruits not salted or sugar- coated otherwise they will not be beneficial.

  • Dry fruits that support healthy weight management are walnut, hazelnut and pistachios.

7. For Weight Gain: Dry fruits not only help in weight loss but also in weight gain. So, dry fruits for weight gain are dried nuts, raisins, dried figs, almonds and cashew nuts. These dry fruits will give you enough calories for a day these dry fruits are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants and are filled with high Fibre which will help you gain weight quickly and provide you with lean muscles as well.

Now, you know how beneficial these dry fruits are but can they be the same for pregnant women? Let’s know which dry fruits to eat and not to eat during pregnancy. Dry fruits contain all the same nutrients and good properties as fresh fruits. Thus, it is completely safe to consume dry fruits during pregnancy but to eat them in proper proportion or in moderation.

Here are some dry fruits to eat during pregnancy:

  • Walnuts (Akhrot) are known to be humble nuts and also boost the development of the child inside the womb.

  • Apricots (Khubani) are rich in iron which can be helpful for mothers and they are a kind of essential dry fruit too.

  • Raisins (Kishmish) are a good source of Fibre and can also help the body to absorb water and subsequently create a laxative effect.

  • Pistachios (Pista) these nuts will provide pregnant women energy and they are low on calories and have high nutritional value. This dry fruit individually can fulfil the requirements of calcium, iron and folate.

  • Cashew (Kaju) these nuts are full of folic acid and magnesium and will also help in increasing the haemoglobin level of pregnant women.

These were some important dry fruits to eat during pregnancy. Now, know dry fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Well, all the dry fruits are filled with essential nutrients and there is not any particular dry fruit to avoid eating during pregnancy but consult a doctor before eating anything during this crucial period as everyone’s body is different.

Dry Fruits Uses and Diet

Dry fruits can be eaten in many ways and some of the uses and tips are given below in order to add them to your diet:

  • Eat them along with fruits like apples or bananas.

  • Add chopped or crushed almonds, and cashews to your breakfast cereal which will keep you full of energy throughout the day.

  • Grind dry fruits into a powder or fine mixture and you can easily add them to your smoothies, beverages and desserts.

  • Chopped dry fruits can be added to ice creams and cakes.

  • Drinking almond milk can provide you with the nutrients of almonds and the goodness of milk too.


Your health depends a lot on your lifestyle and eating habits. Monitoring your body and health is getting difficult for people and dry fruits are the best way to keep you healthy even after having hectic hours. You have already read in this blog about dry fruits, their benefits, and their use. It is also the best option for people who want to lose weight or gain weight. You can easily get most of the dry fruits essential for you in your nearest store. Get them today and enjoy their super amazing health benefits.