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benefits of dried cranberries

Are Dried Cranberries Good for You?

Cranberries are members of the heather family related to blueberries and bilberries. Cranberries are the most commonly grown species in North America. They are low, creeping shrubs that grow up to 2 meters in height. They have tiny green leaves with dark pink color flowers and upon developing, bear fruit. Cranberry consists primarily of water, but they contain nutrients like Carbohydrates, Fibre, Vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, dried cranberry is super rich in Vitamin C.

It supplies adequate essential dietary fibres and protein and they are also low in calories which help maintain body weight. Cranberries are good for our health as they are rich in antioxidant compounds, may help prevent urinary tract infections, may support our heart health and can also protect us against gastric ulcers and other stomach-related issues.

Now, let’s explore the nutritional value of dried cranberries as per 100 grams:             

  • Energy - 38 kcal

  • Carbohydrates - 9.62 grams

  • Dietary Fibre - 1 gram

  • Fat - 0.04 gram

  • Protein - 0.76 gram

  • B Vitamins – 82%

  • Minerals – 11%

Cranberry uses can be in multiple forms such as cranberry sauce, cranberry juice and cranberry jam. Homemade cranberry sauce has the higher level of flavonoid as compared to processed cranberry products available at grocery store.

Now, let’s explore the irresistible health benefits of eating dried cranberries:

1. Improve Heart Health: Cranberries in diet may positively affect cardiometabolic health including blood pressure. Cranberries can reduce heart-related risk factors and can control cholesterol levels as well. 

2. May Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): UTI is a common bacterial infection that has hit many. Some research shows that cranberries do seem to protect against recurring UTIs. There are certain compounds in cranberries that helps keep bacteria from adhering to the surface of the bladder.

Some other cranberry benefits are, they help heal stomach inflammation, avoid respiratory infection, prevent scurvy, and strengthen bones and teeth. Cranberries have a strong yet delectable flavour. Apart from these health benefits, cranberries are beneficial for our skin too.

Cranberry Benefits for Skin

1. For Acne and Blemishes: If you’re dealing with acne then cranberries are perfect for you. Cranberries have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which help you to get rid of acne and blemishes on your skin.

2. For Hyperpigmentation: Cranberries contain a high amount of antioxidants and astringent properties, which help reduce pigmentation.

3. For Firm Skin: If you want firm and glowing skin then add cranberries to your daily life. They are rich in Vitamin C which helps boost collagen production that is known to improve the elasticity of the skin.

However, the easiest way of adding them to your life is by drinking cranberry juice. Cranberry juice will provide you with all these benefits but avoid cranberry juice during pregnancy. Generally, it is safe to drink cranberry juice during pregnancy but in moderation. Side effects of cranberry juice during pregnancy are:

  • Too much cranberry juice can cause loose motion or diarrhea.

  • May increase oxalic acids in the urine, causing kidney stones.

  • May cause chronic liver problems, gastritis or stomach ulcers.

Better consult your doctor before consuming cranberry or cranberry juice. This was some information about cranberries. Below is the main context of this blog which is about dried cranberries.

Dried Cranberries

Dried cranberries are as nutritious as fresh cranberries. Dried cranberries also offer the key spectrum of B Vitamins to regulate metabolism and cellular energy requirements. This dry fruit comprises ample potassium which is sufficient for the daily requirement of adults.

Health Benefits of Dried Cranberries:

Here are some dried cranberries benefits for females and males:

1. Boost Immune System: As you read above cranberries provide ample Vitamin C which enhances iron absorption for enhancing blood circulation. Vitamin C is obligatory for the growth and development of all body tissues and is a key antioxidant for removing toxins from the system.

2. Relaxes Muscle Cramps: Dried cranberry is loaded with the key mineral for muscle function which is Magnesium. The high content of magnesium provides relief from muscle sores and cramps. Thus, if you do a high-intensity workout, then eating a fistful of dried cranberries can instantly alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort in the strained arms and legs. 

3. For Constipation: Dried cranberries consist of valuable dietary fibres which ensure easy bowel movement upon ingestion of heavy meals. It also efficiently relieves intestinal conditions like constipation and indigestion.

Side Effects of Dried Cranberries:

Always consume everything in moderation otherwise it can harm you. Thus, here are some side effects of dried cranberries:

  • If you’re suffering from kidney and liver conditions then exercise caution while eating dried cranberries.

  • Do not consume an excessive amount of dried cranberries as the stomach acid level may become alarmingly high.

  • If you have an allergy to dry fruits then avoid eating this dry fruit otherwise it may lead to a severe situation.

This was some information about dried cranberries’ benefits and side effects.  Surprisingly, dried cranberries work wonder in one thing more. Want to know? Read below.

Are Cranberries good for Diabetes?

If in case, you got this question in you then it’s a ‘yes’. You can still enjoy cranberry and cranberry juice as long as you’re mindful of your carb intake and portion size.

Cranberry juice contains many nutrients, but it lacks dietary Fibre which means that you can enjoy a refreshing glass of this, and its sugar is rapidly absorbed by your body, which can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar level. If you choose to enjoy some pure cranberry juice, stick with no more than half a cup (125 ml). So, before consuming cranberry or cranberry juice then first, speak with your diabetes educator.

Some dried cranberries use that you can include in your diet are:

  • Add them to the muffins.

  • You can sprinkle dried cranberries on the cake before baking it.

  • Add them to your salad

  • Add them to your frozen yoghurts and enjoy the delicacies.


Dried cranberries have many health benefits like it promotes heart health, supporting hair & skin health, reduce joint pain and urinary tract infections. Moreover, they have essential dietary requirements such as Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Potassium, Iron and many more for optimal blood circulation and bone health. But, remember to eat them in moderation to prevent the side effects you read above. They can be preserved for a longer duration and can be enjoyed all year round. 

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