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nutritional benefits of bajra

12 Nutritional Benefits Of Bajra (Pearl Millets)

Many people are allergic to wheat flour or gluten intolerant, so they need to find alternatives to wheat and wheat products. Bajra or also known as pearl millet, is the best substitute for this and people can get relief from celiac disease and gluten intolerances. In India, bajra is one of the most consumed millets and is the core ingredient of several traditional delectable cuisines like bajra khichdi, bajra roti, bajra porridge, and others. Twist your daily diet with this marvel food and let bajra benefits influence your health in the most prominent ways to offer you a healthy life.

What is Pearl Millet?

Pearl Millet bears the Indian name as Bajra is one of the core staple foods in many Indian households. The rise in popularity of other grains such as wheat and rice waned the popularity of this powerful millet. But the millet is bouncing back for a good reason. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, bajra benefits are extremely influential. Bajra originated in Africa and was subsequently introduced in India. The tiny seeds of the crop are available in shades of white, grey, yellow, brown, and bluish-purple. The taste of bajra falls in between a slightly sweet nutty flavour. Although the coarse texture can change the taste of baked goods, the dense nutrient profile covers that downside very well. 

Bajra Nutritional Information (per 100g serving)

Nutrient Amount
Carbs 65g
Water 12g
Fat 5g
Minerals 2g
Fibre 1g
Iron 8mg
Phosphorous 240mg
Calcium 40mg

Health Benefits of Bajra

Bajra uncovers gluten-free properties and blesses several body parts with marvellous benefits. Explore the health benefits of bajra to boost your decision of adding this millet to your daily diet:

1. Gluten-Free Alternative

Bajra is a completely gluten-free millet and can be an ideal substitute for wheat or rice. People who are looking for a healthier and safer option for wheat, bajra can work miraculously for them. Loaded with antioxidants, fibres, and protein, dishes made up of bajra can keep you healthy and strong.

2. Bajra for Weight Watchers

Pearl millet is packed with a high volume of fibres and other nutrients that can help you to shed those extra kilos. Regular consumption of pearl millet keeps you fuller for a longer time and thus restricts the calorie intake. Suppressing the hanger pangs, bajra is a good option for weight watchers to lose weight.

3. Prevents Constipation

Preventing constipation is one of the surprising health benefits of bajra. Enriched with a high amount of insoluble fibre, food made up of pearl millet keeps your gut enabled for easy digestion. With good gut health, one can keep digestion at bay.

4. Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

Potassium always plays a significant role in maintaining blood pressure levels. Pearl millet flour, with 284 mg per 100 gm of serving, will help you to flush out the sodium from your body and maintain healthy levels of blood pressure.

5. Reduce Insulin Resistance in Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes avoid rice and wheat but can include bajra in their daily diet to regulate their blood sugar levels. Bajra is a good source of magnesium and other vitals that may help in reducing insulin resistance in the body. Also, the carbs contents of the pearl millet slow the digestion rate and maintain a stable sugar level for a longer period.

6. A perfect Baby Food

Bajra benefits cover not only adults but infants as well. As they are easily digested and well tolerant, bajra can become a compulsory ingredient of baby food. In India, babies can have varieties of dishes made up from pearl millet flour like porridge, soft-cooked khichdi, or dosa.

7. Loaded with Antioxidants

Bajra flour contains a high density of antioxidants which may help in reducing free radical damage. This may also prevent symptoms of early ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

8. Improve Bone Strength

Regular consumption of bajra may result in stronger bones and our ancestors are examples of it. Bone health-boosting elements like phosphorous and calcium are packed in bajra which can make our bones stronger. Bajra roti with homemade ghee is a perfect food for improving bone health.

9. Good food for Heart Health

One can improve heart health by adding dishes made up of pearl millet flour on a regular basis. Pearl millet contains dietary fibres and cholesterol-reducing ingredients which may help to attain improved cardiovascular health. The high amount of magnesium may help in the proper functioning of the heart and regulates the heartbeats.

10. Improved Vision and Eye Health

The health benefits of bajra do not end here but include improved eye health also. Bajra flour is enriched with zinc content, which produces Vitamin A, which is essential for improving vision and eye health.

11. Save your body from Anaemia

The rich iron content of pearl millet flour keeps your body away from anaemic symptoms. To boost the overall health of the body through various vitals and minerals, one can have bajra dishes daily.

12. Get Glowing Skin

Not only internal body organs but the aesthetic effect of consumption of bajra is equally effective. Zinc element of this wonderful millet may help in repairing dead skin cells and rejuvenating them. Bajra may also feature anti-acne properties with less fat content. 

How to include Pearl Millet in your Daily Diet?

Bajra can be added to the daily diet in various forms of flour, sprouts, flakes, and others. Bajra is a hard cereal that needs soaking before cooking. Here are some of the innovative ways of adding pearl millet nutrition to your plate:

  • Use a mud pot to cook soaked bajra try out some easy and nutritious recipes like bajra porridge. As cooking in mud utensils keeps the nutritional value intact

  • Mix other lentils and cook along with bajra to make a complete meal with bajra khichdi.

  • If you find this too time-consuming, opt for pearl millet flour. Make roti, dosa, bajra methi poori, or even use it in the baking process.

  • One can soak bajra seeds to grow the sprouts and can make small pancakes or use them in salads.

Bajra or Pearl millet is one of the oldest cereals in India and people consume it in daily traditional dishes like bajra khichdi, bajra roti, and others. Enhance your dishes with a slightly nutty and sweet taste and substitute your wheat flour with pearl millet flour. Improve your body’s strength right from calming your mood swings to reducing the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. Get this superfood to your plate and lock the bajra incredible bajra benefits by choosing us for ordering organically harvested bajra or fresh and premium quality pearl millet flour.  

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