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₹ 1,190.00
पासून ₹ 650.00
पर्याय दाखवा

1. Non Toxic Holi Colour Signature Box (400 gms): See the colours sparkle in the sun! Our Neon Holi Colours are safe, skin-friendly, and non-toxic, making your celebration bright and happy. Get ready for a joyful Holi under the sunny sky! 

2. Fruli Holi Colour Box (250gms): Get ready for a fruity fiesta with Fruli – the Holi colours that smell as good as they look! Kid-friendly and certified, these shades are skin-loving, non-toxic, and heavy metal-free. No stains, just smile – let the quirky play.

3. Sparkle Holi Colours (200 gms): Introducing Sparkle Body Paint: Your go-to for instant glamour! Perfect for festivals, parties, or any event, this easy-to-apply formula ensures you'll shine all day or night. Get creative and let your inner sparkle shine with us!

4. Thandai Masala Box (250 gms): Get ready for summer vibes with our Organic Gyaan Thandai Masala! Made with Khandsari Sugar and all things natural – no added flavors, preservatives and colours. It's the coolest way to chill and welcome the hot season. Sip, smile, and stay refreshingly quirky

5. Dry Fruits Ladoo (4 pcs): Sweets are the insuperable part of each celebration and Sugar free dry fruit ladoos are the best combination of this. They are perfect blend of different dry fruits and seeds.