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₹ 1,190.00
पासून ₹ 650.00
पर्याय दाखवा

1. Non-Toxic Holi Colour Royal Signature Box(5 shades*80 Gms = 400Gms)See the colours sparkle in the sun! Our Neon Holi Colours are safe, skin-friendly, and non-toxic, making your celebration bright and happy. Get ready for a joyful Holi under the sunny sky! 

2. Neon Body Paint (5 shades * 50 ml = 250 ml) Get ready to glow with our Neon Body Paint! It's not just vibrant and fun – it's certified, non-toxic, and skin-friendly. Make a statement, shine bright, and let your creativity pop!

3. Fruli ( 5 shades * 50 Gms = 250 Gms): Get ready for a fruity fiesta with Fruli – the Holi colours that smell as good as they look! Kid-friendly and certified, these shades are skin-loving, non-toxic, and heavy metal-free. No stains, just smiles – let the quirky play begin!

4. Non-toxic Holi Colour Trendo Standard Box (5 shades * 50 Gms = 250gms): Discover the joy of Holi with our certified-safe colors! Non-toxic, skin-friendly, and heavy metal-free, they come in a range of delightful shades, each with a unique fragrance. Stain-free and eco-friendly, make your celebration both colorful and responsible. Choose safe, choose vibrant – choose our Holi Colors!

5. Natura (200Gms): Natural Holi Colour Duo to elevate your Holi. Certified, Non-toxic, skin-friendly, and free from heavy metals to make your Holi safe and memorable. 

6. Dry fruit Ladoos (16pcs): Sweets are the insuperable part of each celebration and Sugar free dry fruit ladoos are the best combination of this. They are perfect blend of different dry fruits and seeds. 

7. Haldi, Kumkum & Chawal: Haldi used here is highest in curcumin makes it much more energized, Kumkum is stain free and Chawal is whole. This is purest pooja material for your offerings.

8. Coconut oil (100ml): Discover the magic of our pure Coconut Oil, a natural marvel for skin and hair. Cold-pressed from fresh coconuts, it's a tropical treat that moisturizes, leaving your skin and hair irresistibly soft. No additives,