Masoor Dal Split / Red Split Lentils – Organic Gyaan
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Masoor Dal Split / Red Split Lentils

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Masoor dal is basically split lentil without skin and is red in colour. It is soft and hence does not require soaking before cooking. It is very rich in protein amongst various other lentils. Masoor Dal is a popular legume used in India to cook dals. Its history traces back to 1600 BC in Egypt. This dal is also one of the important offering to Goddess Kali. Some Hindus do not consume masoor dal and is associated with Kamdhenu's blood and is therefore a tamasic food. It is said that a masoor dal plant appeared wherever Kamadhenu's blood fell on earth. Masoor dal is rich in protein and can be deliciously healthy with paneer that gives a lot of energy and helps metabolism. Phosphorous content with calcium helps to build strong bones. Being rich in fiber helps in slower digestion and keeps fuller for long time keeps weight under control. Folate and vitamins are good for blood and helps better health during pregnancy. Rich in iron helps blood carry oxygen. Zinc helps in increasing immunity, glycemic index is very low that helps in controlling blood sugar, magnesium is good for heart.