Red Cooking Mud Pot 2L – Organic Gyaan
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Red Cooking Mud Pot 2L

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Mud and clay pots are one of the first used pots but this doesn’t mean that they are obsolete. The mud or the clay pots from Organic Gyaan are one of the most practical, durable pots capable of producing awesome cooking results. The earthen pots are not glazed and are 100% free from toxic materials which also makes it ecofriendly and rustic.

With proper use and care this cooking pot is bound to last for years. The clay used in making the pot has alkaline properties which balances the Ph levels of the food. Being porus in nature the clay pots circulate the heat evenly in the food making it more juicy without burning or overcooking the food. This pot can withstand high temperatures even when used on gas stoves.