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Ceramic Barni (Set of 3)

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Your kitchen will definitely have more décor with these exquisitely designed ceramic jars or ceramic barnis. Indians have long believed that the ceramic jar's natural material boosts the food's nutritional value rather than changing or impairing the food’s taste, flavor, or colour. Also, using ceramic barnis will enable you to be more adaptable and environmentally friendly by avoiding the usage of plastic containers.

Organic Gyaan offers these aesthetically designed ceramic jars set of 3 that are perfect for both ethnic and modern households. They work well as storage containers as well as an addition to your décor items. It can be placed on your kitchen countertops, dining room table, or even a display! These barnis are ideal for storing pickles, seasonings, condiments, small snacks, sugar, pepper, beans, salt, etc. It is handy to use and easy to store.  

How To Clean Ceramic Barnis?

Maintenance is hassle-free and easy. Simply wipe the jars with a soft cotton cloth and a soft sponge you can also wash them with mild soaps for better results.